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Garden Compost
Garden Compost

It does not get any better than compost!  With just a little effort, you can create your own "black gold" for your garden.  Who needs fertilizer when you have compost!

Lend Garden Compost a Helping Hand

Gardening has taught me patience.  Well, some patience.  I personally deemed myself an impatient composter.  Composting requires a lot of patience to allow time for materials to break down, but the process can be sped up significantly by taking a few extra steps from the start.

VIDEO: How to Turn a Compost Pile

The key to a productive compost pile is oxygen.  Turning the compost pile will mix the materials and allow oxygen into the pile, which is essential to the decomposition process.

What to Compost

A lot of people have questions on what to compost.  One of the great benefits of having your own compost pile is to be able to truly create your own organic fertilizer.  Since you know where everything came from, you know it's green!

Why Compost?

Composting is beneficial for many reasons.  There are economic, ecological and global ecological benefits.  From start to finish, your compost pile does make a difference!

Building and Using a Compost Bin

My husband and I got plans from, however a quick search in Google for "compost bin plans" will yield a good number of sources for plans.  For our compost bin, we had to make a few substitutions as some of the materials were not available in our rural town.  That's the beauty of building your own projects, you can build them in a manner that suites you best.  Who says you have to follow the rules!  I liked this design because of the removable slats in the front for easier access with a shovel.

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