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Why Compost?

Why Compost?

Composting is beneficial for many reasons.  There are economic, ecological and global ecological benefits.  From start to finish, your compost pile does make a difference!

A big benefit to a hobby gardener is the finished product.  Finished compost is rich in nutrients that plants crave!  Just think, your own organic fertilizer made right in your back yard.  (Not to mention the benefits to your pocket book.)

Decomposed materials, like finished compost, give off carbon dioxide.  In a sealed winter greenhouse, this provides a bit of essential carbon dioxide for your plants.

It also significantly reduces (if not eliminates) the need for synthetic fertilizer.  Eliminating chemicals is also a growing concern for gardeners growing food crops.  You are also preventing these chemicals from reaching your regions ecosystem.  Runoff containing chemical fertilizer has significant impact especially in areas surrounded by wetlands.

A compost pile uses materials that would normally go into landfills.  Yard and lawn waste is a large contributing factor to garbage in landfills.

One greenhouse plant to the good of the planet, do you need a better reason to compost?

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