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Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Success

Take the step-by-step journey from setting up the greenhouse
all the way to greenhouse gardening success!

Growing Under Glass Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening SuccessA handbook to setting up and maintaining a greenhouse, Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Success takes you step-by-step with four sections through the greenhouse gardening process.

Beginning with The Greenhouse Structure, learn the ins and outs of maintaining the structure and regulating the greenhouse temperature.

Next up is Growing Guidelines, providing tips, hints and steps of successfully growing plants in the greenhouse environment.

Then on to Deciding What to Grow Under Glass to aid in making educated decisions on the best plants for your greenhouse.

Finally, delve into the Resources to assist in locating everything you need for your greenhouse.

From soil to success, this book will
guide you every step of the way.

“Growing Under Glass contains a lot of valuable information, and I think it will generally benefit those who read it,” says Angela O'Callaghan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Southern Area. “It's a nice book, and the author has done a really good job synopsizing a large amount of material into a portable volume."

Title: Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Success
Suggested Retail Price:
Trim Size: 8” x 9” Trade Paperback
Page Count: 104, Full Color
ISBN: 1-4392-3315-2
ISBN-13: 9781439233153
LCCN: 2009902636
Sample Pages: Download PDF

"A must for any would be greenhouse operator." - Midwest Book Review


Author's Notes: 
- Sweet potatoes are roots, unlike true potatoes, which are tubers.
- Virtually all American tobacco is mosaic virus free, however I still recommend washing your hands before going into the greenhouse.
- A compost can have a 50-50 ratio of greens and browns if it is by weight, not volume.

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