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October Greenhouse Update
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 17:00

October Greenhouse Update

The past couple weeks, outdoor highs have been near or in triple digits.  Two nights ago, we had a crazy cold front come in that dropped temperatures forty degrees!  (Glad I keep an eye on the weather report!)  A few hours before the front moved in, I turned off the greenhouse misters and turned up the thermostat on the fan to help retain some heat so the cold would not be such a shock for the plants.

Outside temperatures yesterday were a high of 77 and low of 62, with inside temperatures at a high of 87 degrees and a low of 54.  The indoor low dropped so much I suspect from the high humidity in the greenhouse.  It is definitely time to scale back watering to help the humidty drop some more before colder weather sets in, most likely at the end of the month.

Productity is beginning to slow, however I am still getting ripe tomatoes and few ripe strawberries.  No complaints from this greenhouse gardener!  I also have seedlings growing for late season green onions and peas.  Cat grass is almost ready to come inside the house -- all the better to keep the kitties off the house plants!

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