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November Greenhouse Update
Saturday, 31 October 2009 17:00

November Greenhouse Update

Temperatures took a serious dip during the past week.  This month as a whole has been very mild, but an unseasonable cold front moved in and just a few days ago, overnight temperatures went below freezing.  Thankfully, the plants in the greenhouse made it through just fine.

Outside temperatures yesterday were a high of 73 and low of 44, with inside temperatures at a high of 89 degrees and a low of 48.  Although I am not completely satisfied with the low temperatures in the greenhouse, it is doing pretty well since I have not moved in the large thermal mass yet.  So the project this month is to get the thermal mass moved in before cold sets in at the end of the month.

The plants seem to be really loving the temperatures, the strawberries all of a sudden sent up a flush of flowers with sweet fruits to follow.  Amazingly, they are just as sweet as the ones I picked during the summer.  I am extremely pleased with this Eversweet variety and will definitely keep growing them.

For an update on the mesquite trees I have been growing in the greenhouse, they are getting huge!  I'm glad that the peak on the north wall is tall because otherwise these bad boys would be touching the ceiling!

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