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December Greenhouse Update
Friday, 04 December 2009 17:00

December Greenhouse Update

As we approach winter, so far the weather has been surprisingly mild.  Nights have been normally chilly into the low thirties and upper twenties, but during the day it has usually been in the sixties which makes for a nice warm greenhouse!

Canna Flower

Outside temperatures yesterday were a high of 50 and low of 25, with inside temperatures at a high of 84 degrees and a low of 40.  I suspect I need a couple of five gallon buckets of water for a little extra thermal mass, however the plants have been fantastic. 

We even had some vine ripe yellow Golden Rave tomatoes at Thanksgiving dinner!  For my greenhouse, I have been extremely pleased with this variety of tomatoes.  They produce in the heat and although slower, they are still producing in the cooler temperatures.  These tomatoes also ripen on the vine very quickly with and excellent sweet flavor.

The cannas definitely  have a mind of their own!  One of them even decided to bloom a couple days ago.  They pick the strangest times to bloom, but I will take it when I can get it.

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