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Controlling that Wintertime Temperature
Friday, 02 January 2009 17:00

Controlling that Wintertime Temperature

Thermal Mass Thermal Mass

I had been struggling to keep the nighttime temperature in my greenhouse up, there were a couple nights that it dropped to thirty degrees, which wrecked havoc on my plants. 

Yesterday, I added quite a bit of thermal mass to the greenhouse.  For those that don't know, the water in the barrels heats up during the day and releases that heat at night, creating passive solar heating.  I put five one gallon milk jugs under the benches, added a thirty three gallon trash can and four buckets all full of water.

To my pleasant surprise, instead of the overnight temperature being in the low thirties, it was forty eight!  I think that by adding a bit more thermal mass, I might be able to get that up even more.  And the plants seemed much happier!

Additional Thermal Mass
Additional Thermal Mass

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