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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 17:00

Bloom Day

Tomato Blossom Tomato Blossom

Joining in on the tradition started by May Dreams Gardens Blog, the 15th of every month is Bloom Day.

There are not any blooms right now in the greenhouse except for this tiny little blossom on the upside Jelly Bean grape tomato plant.  There is bud on the Amaryllis and fruit on the tomato and honeydew plants, but that's about it for now!

It's crazy to think that here in the desert southwest, winter is pretty uneventful. A little rain occasionally and a few wind storms. But last month on December 17th, we had a huge snow storm that brought Las Vegas to a stand still. It snowed heavily all day long and with no snow removal equipment, we just hung out and enjoyed the weather. (The photo is of my in-laws' backyard early in the day.) The last time Las Vegas had a snow storm like this was back in 1979!

The reason I share this on Bloom Day is that the high temperature today was almost seventy degrees! (Which is warmer than usual.) It was also this storm that brought a series of cloudy days, so the temperature dipped in the greenhouse causing a bit of plant damage and the loss of a few of them.

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