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February Project
Thursday, 22 January 2009 06:34

February Project

I ordered my February project on Tuesday.  After a couple visits to Plants of the Southwest, I finally made my selections of plants either native or adapted to the Southwest.  I ordered a variety of different plants that are low water or survive only on rainfall once planted.  I am all wound up!

I will be starting my seeds about the second week of February because temperatures in the greenhouse should be optimal.  Also, I made sure to select plants that did not require cold stratification since they would take up to two months in the fridge before I could start them in the greenhouse.  Perhaps the next round of landscape seeds I will be a little more patient.

Here is the list of plants that I purchased to start in the greenhouse to move into the landscape:

  • Robinia neomexicana
    New Mexico Locust
  • Nolina texana
    Texas Beargrass
  • Ceratoides lanata
  • Artemisia filifolia
    Sand Sage
  • Amorpha canescens
    Lead Plant
  • Gaillardia aristata
  • Ipomopsis multiflora
    Bluestar Flower
  • Salvia coccinea
    Scarlet Sage
  • Tradescantia occidentalis
    Western Spiderwort

I will post updates and photos as the plants grow!

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