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February Bloom Day
Sunday, 15 February 2009 05:47

February Bloom Day

Strawberry Blossoms Strawberry Blossoms

Continuing with the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day tradition, today there are more buds and blossoms in the greenhouse than I expected for February.

The strawberry plants have been doing great!  They are continually covered in blossoms and have all kinds of little strawberries growing.  They are also really easy to pollinate.  I just take a little artist's brush and run it over the blossoms.

The asparagus was an impulse buy as I was unsure how it would do in the greenhouse.  The plants are quite healthy and have these little bell-shaped blossoms on them.  They are still too young to harvest from, but I am curious to see how they produce over the next couple months.

As the greenhouse temperatures are starting to warm up, the Yellow Doll watermelon vine has started blooming.  Still no female flowers, but should be soon!

I was hoping the buds on the chives would be open in time for Bloom Day, but not quite.  One is just starting to open!

What's funny about this is a couple weeks ago I was complaining that I have never had any blooms on the chives!


Bloom Day was started by May Dreams Gardens.

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