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March Greenhouse Update
Saturday, 28 February 2009 17:00

March Greenhouse Update

Somehow I got starting posting monthly updates.  I think it began as a way to remind myself to take "the whole picture" since I found myself taking close-up photos of the plants.

Here on the first day of March, the outside temperature was 74 degrees with a low of 41 degrees.  Inside the greenhouse (with the ventilation fan running), the high is around 90 degrees and the low in the mid-fifties.

I can definitely tell spring is right around the corner.  The lizards are coming out and the weeds are coming up.  Even my test plot right outside the greenhouse is showing signs of life!

Today I rearrange some of the plants because the asparagus was unhappy on the west side and the tomatoes unhappy on the east side.  So I switched them and moved some of the pots around to make room on the benches for the new seedlings that will surely be around the corner from yesterday's project.

I lifted a few of the bulbs that just weren't cutting it and set them to dry for storage.  Some of the mesquite trees got potted up and the yellow pear tomatoes(not visible) got larger pots, too.

Also, one of the strawberries is beginning to ripen.  Is it done yet?

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