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May Greenhouse Update
Friday, 01 May 2009 17:00

May Greenhouse Update

The project this May is to better arrange the greenhouse space!  This month's lesson is better planning of growing space.  As things are right now in the greenhouse, I've run out of room for plants.

Too much space is being taken up on the back wall is currently being taken up on the back wall from storage and as well all know, the greenhouse is to grow plants, not to store stuff. 

A trellis will be going up this weekend on the south wall so the vines have a place to climb, freeing up space on the benches.  All the seedlings will need to be potted up, so more bench space is a must!  The pots of bulbs will also move outside to make way for the larger pots.

Outside temperatures are high of 82 and low of 53, with inside temperatures at 86 degrees and low of 65.

May 2009 Greenhouse Interior
May 2009 Greenhouse Interior
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