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July Greenhouse Update
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 17:00

July Greenhouse Update

As July begins, the battle against the thrips is over.  Thank goodness!  I have put up sticky cards around the greenhouse to monitor if they come back and also to keep the white fly population in check.  Growth with the plants has been tremendous!  I feel like I'm fighting my way through a jungle when I'm tending plants which is quite fine by me.

The big project was re-routing all of the plumbing through a filter, installing a sink (I love this sink!) and getting the misters working at their best since summer has officially arrived.  The water going to my hose also runs through the filter in hopes of my watering wands lasting longer.  The minerals in the well water are really hard on my watering tools.



Greenhouse Sink

Tomato production is also in full swing, and I bring in tomatoes every few days. That is, if the tomatoes stay uneaten on the walk from the greenhouse to the kitchen...

Outside temperatures are high of 106 and low of 87, with inside temperatures at 93 degrees and low of 76.  The fan runs steadily and mist turns on for two hours during the hottest part of the day.

Golden Rave Tomatoes

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