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August Greenhouse Update
Monday, 03 August 2009 17:00

August Greenhouse Update

Seems like the usual, August is hot, hot, hot.  Did I mention that August is hot?  Fortunately, most of the plants seem to love the managed conditions in the greenhouse.  The mesquite trees and the other desert plants that I have started are growing like crazy.

Outside temperatures are high of 106 and low of 81, with inside temperatures at topping at 100 degrees and a low of 81.  The fan runs steadily and mist turns regularly throughout the day.  The shade cloth on the roof also makes a huge difference.

Some of the tomato plants are reaching the end of their productive cycles.  The yellow pear tomatoes and golden rave hybrids most likely only have a couple weeks left in the them.  The jelly bean hybrids are producing steadily and the big boy tomatoes are just starting to flower.  Now I'm glad that I planted so many different varieties this year!

The warmer temperatures did not agree with the cucumber plants and they have since gone to the compost pile.  I'll most likely start some new cucumber plants for a tasty fall harvest.  Some of the strawberries are having a hard time with the heat (Ozark Beauties), others are doing great (Eversweet).  That says something for selecting the right varieties!

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