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September Greenhouse Update
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 17:00

September Greenhouse Update

Okay, so September is usually hot here in Southern Nevada.  This year is has been above normal so I have not been able to start the fall vegetables yet.  That's okay, I suppose!  I'd really like to be starting seeds right now, perhaps next week...

The landscape plants are doing great.  The scarlet sage and firewheel got potted up into one gallon pots and a lot of the mesquite trees are beginning to stand on their own.  Joy!

Outside temperatures are high of 100 and low of 72, with inside temperatures at topping at 97 degrees and a low of 67.  I recently changed the timing on the misters, so it is running a little bit hotter during the day and the temperature dips as night with the screened window open.  Once outside highs stay around ninety, I will close the window to preserve heat at night.

I have spent the past couple evenings (when greenhouse temperatures are cooler) potting sedum seedlings.  I do not think I will buy another "mix" packet of seeds because sorting through these guys has been a chore.  I potted over 100 seedlings and still have more to go!  I am quite happy at how tough they are and really look forward to putting them in the garden in the spring.

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