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January Greenhouse Update
Thursday, 07 January 2010 12:06

January Greenhouse Update

Weather in these parts has been unseasonably warm.  Warm temperatures and a few greenhouse hiccups are presenting a few challenges in the greenhouse this month.

Outdoor temperatures have been in the low sixties during the day and in the twenties this month.  Indoor temperatures swing between 40 and 105.  Why the massive temperature shift?  A malfunction with the greenhouse fan coupled with the clear skies and warm days is causing a dramatic increase in the greenhouse temperature.

Amazingly, the temperatures have not affected the plants.  Nothing new going on, however the Paperwhite daffodil bulbs sprouted!  Growth has slowed with the trees, I suspect from the shorter length daylight.

The seed catalogs are rolling in, so lots of decisions to make for the spring garden!

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