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February Greenhouse Update
Friday, 19 February 2010 17:00

February Greenhouse Update

The February update comes a little late this month because of a recent trip to North Carolina.  I came back to Nevada with a collection of mosses that ended up in my terraiums and greenhouse.  I am now officially hooked on another plant!

Outdoor temperatures have been fluctuating outdoors drastically with daytime temperatures ranging from 70 degrees on a clear day to 40 degrees on a cloudy day.  Despite the crazy temperatures, now that the ventiliation fan has been repaired, indoor temperatures have stabilized to a lovely 90 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night.  The plants are loving it and coupled with the slowly increasing day length, growth is really starting to pick up.

The Paperwhite daffodil bulbs gave grown quite a bit, however now flower shoots yet.  I am not sure if they will flower before they die back, but I love them just the same.  The cannas have fully bounced back from getting a bit of frost damage in late December.

Seed packets from the seed catalogs have arrived, but most of them have not been planted yet.  I started some tomatoes for my in-laws' garden, but with a move nearly imminent, I decided to wait on starting the seeds for my own garden.

A few weeks ago, I potted a few ornamental plants and set them in the greenhouse instead of the house, so my cats would not eat them.  I got the philodendron, ivy and maiden fern for a terrarium project.  I'll report on that once the plants are settled into their mini "greenhouses".

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