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March Greenhouse Update
Friday, 19 March 2010 00:00

March Greenhouse Update

This March is full of changes around here.  With the move nearly imminent, I have been hardening off the plants so they can live outside while the weather is mild and the new greenhouse is being built.

All of the vegetables that I started for my in-laws' garden are now in the ground at their house and getting a running start for spring.  Pretty soon, there will be tomatoes, parsley, cilantro and serrano peppers galore at their house.  The serrano starts I had to by at a garden center because I have yet to have luck growing them from seed.

The new house is in the city with a much smaller yard, so unfortunately there will not be room for my beloved mesquite trees.  However, they will have new homes with the Master Gardeners as I will be taking them to their office in a couple days when the trees are finished with the hardening off period.

I started planning the new greenhouse and will be taking into account the things I have learned with the current one, making a few design alterations.  I will be documenting the construction process and posting it on the site over the next couple months.

That's it for this month, so get out there and grow!

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