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Newest Addition: Avocado Tree
Saturday, 31 March 2012 09:48

Newest Addition: Avocado Tree

Stewart Avocado Tree Stewart Avocado Tree

The bare root weeping plum tree I purchased a couple months ago never broke dormancy, so it had to be taken out and returned.  In it's place, an avocado tree!

I have absolutely no experience with avocado trees, this is an entirely new venture.  However the prospect of fresh avocados outweighs any trepidations I have about the new addition to "The Back Tenth" garden.  

This particular type of avocado should survive our winters just fine and I also placed the container in the warmest microclimate on the property.  I will have to keep a close watch on it this summer to make sure that it is not too hot!

I also picked up some red wigglers at the nursery.  The man that was standing in front of me at the register asked me what the worms were for and I told him they were for the garden.  He replied, "I thought they were for fishing!"  Well, my worms have new homes out in the vegetable garden!

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