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VIDEO: Assembling a Rion Greenhouse

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VIDEO: Assembling a Rion Greenhouse

Rion offers a line of durable greenhouses and very attractive lines.  The cost seems to be in the middle to the high end of the spectrum depending on the size of greenhouse and, according to their video, assembly is very simple.

Rion's testing labs are based in Europe and have built their greenhouses to withstand large snowfall amounts and heavy winds.  The glazing (windows) is translucent polycarbonate to diffuse the sunlight creating optimal light conditions for the plants inside.

According to Rion, assembly is very easy due to its "snap" together frame and no tools required.  In the video, they demonstrated that although one person can put it together, two is ideal.

The resing frame itself is said to be very rigid.

The sources I have looked show this greenhouse is excellent for cold weather and also Rion offers a greenhouse heater in the accessories section of their site.  The polycarbonate panels are 4 mil and double walled to provide better insulation. 


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