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Growing Cacti & Succulents
Growing Cacti & Succulents

There is something special about how efficiently cacti and succulents store water and how they have evolved to live in the most extreme of climates.  There are cacti and succulents that are suited to a wide range of zones, and with a little investigation, there are surely a few that would look great in your garden.

Hens & Chicks


Hens and Chicks is a common name for a large group of succulents called Sempervivum. These are some tough little plants that thrive best in well draining, rocky soils. I grow mine along the edge of my dry river bed.


Sedums are a genus of plants incorporating around 400 different species of plants.  These plants are succulents and are known for being tough little plants.  They are very popular for use in green roofs for that reason.  

Golden Barrel Cactus

Echinocactus grusonii

The Golden Barrel Cactus is a well known cactus and is easily spotted in the lanscape.  It is native to central Mexico and despite being highly cultivated, it is endangered in the wild.  In warm climates it is easy to cultivate.

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