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Tomatoes: VIDEO How to Prune a Tomato Plant

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Tomatoes: VIDEO How to Prune a Tomato Plant

Pruning a tomato plant not only keeps an indeterminate plant under control in the greenhouse, it allows the tomato plant to "concentrate" on its fruit instead of wasting the plants energy on growing more leaves.

The video demostrates how to prune a tomato plant for ripe tomatoes as opposed to plant growth.  This gardener explains that the idea is to prune away the non-flowering branches.  The idea is not to create a beautiful plant, but to allow the tomato plant to set more fruit and to ripen that fruit.

In a greenhouse situation (as not demonstrated in the video), an indeterminate, or vining, tomato plant can be trained to grow up a string or trellis.  When the plant is young, select one vine to grow and prune off its side shoots.  Then suspend a string from the ceiling of the green house and attach the string to the tomato pot, leaving a fair amount of slack in the string.  As the tomato plant grows, loosely coil the string around the vine, training it to grow up.  By training the vine and pruning the side shoots, it leaves more valuable greenhouse space for growing other plants!


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