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Growing Ornamental Plants
Growing Ornamental Plants

What would a garden be without beautiful flowers and striking foliage?  A greenhouse is a wonderful place to grow plants that are sensitive to environmental changes, start seedlings for outdoor landscaping and to overwinter frost sensitive plants.

Sweet Alyssum

Lobularia maritima

Sweet alyssum is a cute little ground cover plant. The plant itself grows densely and is covered in tightly backed flower stems that are typically white, pink or purple. It is a Mediterranean native is very quick to flower.



Related to pansies, violas are the small flowers that are tough despite their appearance.

Cat Grass

Avena sativa

Cats love greens.  I have a tough time keeping mine off my house plants, but having a pot of cat grass around gives my cats their own plant to chew on and they keep their teeth off my plants.

Amaryllis Bulbs

The amaryllis bulbs that are popular holiday gifts are actually from the genus Hippeastrum.  They are tropical and subtropical plants that do quite well in the greenhouse if kept in the cooler areas.  I keep mine in the shade of one of the benches where it happily bloomed in the indirect sunlight.

Sweet Violet

Viola odorata

Sweet violet is European native, and has been introduced and naturalized into the United States.  The flowers are either purple/violet or white in color and are quite fragrant.

California Poppy

Eschscholzia californica

California Poppy is native to the western United States.  The flowers are four petals, each petal up to two inches long. California poppy will generally flower in temperatures over eighty degrees.

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