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Helpful Gardening Information

Need a little gardening help?  Desert Greenhouse Guide searches out tips and tricks to help out any gardener, with or without a greenhouse!

Plants are Landscape Materials?

I was out in the greenhouse the other day tending to my “babies” thinking about the lack of gardening shows and over-abundance of landscaping shows on television these days. In an effort to get some kind of television gardening fix, I do admit that I watch landscape programming however end up frustrated most of the time.

Controlling Thrips in the Greenhouse

I recently underwent a battle in the greenhouse against thrips.  Let me tell you, these little guys are destructive and tough to get rid off, but it can be done organically!  The difficulty comes in that they lay their eggs in the soil so breaking the cycle is the tricky part.

Getting Rid of Pesky White Flies

I was pleasantly surprised walking into a large department discount store and finding insecticidal soap sitting at the end of an aisle in the garden center.  Insecticidal soap is a fantastic organic, non-toxic pest control product, and I couldn’t have found it at a better time since white flies just took up residence in my greenhouse.

Staking Plants

Some plants need a little extra support to stay upright as they grow.  Others grow indeterminately and staking saves space.  Most vegetables grow very quickly and keeping the plants off the ground encourages good air circulation with translates to fewer disease problems.  In the greenhouse, space is valuable and keeping plants vertical opens more room for more plants!

Vinegar Weed Killer

The discovery that weeds like it outside the south wall of the greenhouse.  So, today I took a spray bottle of vinegar to them and had at it!  They are small enough that it should only take the one application to get rid of them.  All I had was household vinegar which is diluted, but have been told that you can get horticultural grade vinegar which is full strength, but haven't gotten my hands on it yet.  Hot sunny days seem to work best.

Successive Sowing

When growing food crops, it can be overwhelming to get a large harvest of one vegetable at one time.  For example, what is a two person household going to do with fifty carrots?

VIDEO: Transplanting Seedlings to Larger Pots

Plants are delicate when they are very young.  The first general rule of (green) thumb is to handle the seedling by one of the leaves and not the stem.  The plant can recover from a damaged leaf more easily then a damaged stem.

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