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VIDEO: Transplanting Seedlings to Larger Pots

VIDEO: Transplanting Seedlings to Larger Pots

Plants are delicate when they are very young.  The first general rule of (green) thumb is to handle the seedling by one of the leaves and not the stem.  The plant can recover from a damaged leaf more easily then a damaged stem.

Also, you will want to make sure the seedling has a couple sets of leaves to ensure it is large enough to handle being moved.  Some plants do not take well to transplanting and should be sown in the pot that will be their final home, so be sure to do a little research.

In the video from Expert Village, it is shown removing the seedling by holding the surface of the soil and "pouring" the plant into the hand.  More delicate seedlings may need to be lifted out of the soil with narrow point stick or tool and gently lifted by one of the leaves.  Be careful to not disturb the roots.

When placing the seedling in the new pot, fill the pot halfway with soil, hold the seedling in place while placing more soil around the root structure.  You can also prepare the new pot by creating a hole in the soil and placing the seedling in it.

Be sure to take notice of the soil level on the stem and make certain not to make the soil level higher or lower.

Transplanting seedlings can be done with a little practice and an easy touch, and pretty soon you will be transplanting into new pots like a pro!


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