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In the Greenhouse

Why a Desert Greenhouse?

Yes, I live in the desert.  Yes, I have a greenhouse.  Yes, there are a few differences to running a desert greenhouse as opposed to a traditionally located greenhouse.

My Life as a Greenhouse Gardener

Ever since Greenhouse Version 2 went up, life has changed on my little acre in the country.  What a whirlwind ride! 

How to Have a Green Thumb

It seems that common consensus is that gardener is either born with a green thumb or not.  I think a green thumb is learned, and I’m going to tell you the secret!  (Okay, maybe it isn’t really a secret, but it sounds good.)

The Gift of a Garden

My great-grandfather felt that everyone should have a garden. Anytime he went to visit someone that did not have a garden, he put one in. This weekend I thought of him often when I took a little unused patch of the backyard at my in-law’s house and turned into a vegetable garden.

Scents, Memories and the Garden

“Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory.”  You know the saying.  I have read countless articles about how a single scent can vividly bring back a memory from many years ago.

101 Almost Free Gardening Projects
101 Almost Free
Gardening Projects

Gardening Project Book
by author Hilery Hixon

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