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Scents, Memories and the Garden

Scents, Memories and the Garden

“Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory.”  You know the saying.  I have read countless articles about how a single scent can vividly bring back a memory from many years ago.

This afternoon, I was in the greenhouse tending to my tomato plants and the smell of the oil on the vines filled my nose and, in my mind, I was instantly transported me back to when I was a kid picking tomatoes in my parents’ vegetable garden on a sunny and hot August afternoon.

Any time I smell marigolds, I remember sitting next to my mother as she would plant marigolds in the flower beds in front of our house.

Some of my favorite memories are tied to the smells of plants and flowers.  Every time I smell them, I smile as I recall those happy childhood times.

Keep a few of your favorite plants in your greenhouse to make smile and reminisce.

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