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The Gift of a Garden

The Gift of a Garden

My great-grandfather felt that everyone should have a garden. Anytime he went to visit someone that did not have a garden, he put one in. This weekend I thought of him often when I took a little unused patch of the backyard at my in-law’s house and turned into a vegetable garden.

I started by removed the landscape gravel from the area. Then I turned the soil to loosen it and removed the large, buried rocks. (I definitely understand the appeal of raised planting beds!) Two bags of garden soil and a shovel turned the inhospitable area into a great little vegetable patch. The area gets some light afternoon shade, which will help with the intense desert sun.

The plants I chose are:

  • Early Girl Tomatoes
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes
  • Sweet Red Peppers
  • Black Beauty Eggplant
  • Parthenon Zucchini
  • Marigolds

I chose two different varieties of tomatoes to get a longer harvest since Early Girl mature in 50 days and Beefsteak mature in just over 90 days.

The zucchini are from my greenhouse. I started way too many seeds in the greenhouse since last year I did not get any to germinate, so I am happy that the extra plants have a new home.

The other vegetables I purchased as seedlings since my seedlings in the greenhouse are a bit too small to move outside just yet.

I planted the marigolds as a companion plant to the tomatoes. They seem to repel pests and attract pollinators.

The little picket fence in the photo my father-in-law added once my Jack Russell decided she wanted her turn digging in the garden.

I am looking forward to watching the garden grow and to the harvest it will provide! When you don’t know what to give someone, consider the gift of a garden.

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