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How to Have a Green Thumb

How to Have a Green Thumb

It seems that common consensus is that gardener is either born with a green thumb or not.  I think a green thumb is learned, and I’m going to tell you the secret!  (Okay, maybe it isn’t really a secret, but it sounds good.)

You ready?  The secret lies in learning how to “listen” to your plants.  When they are happy, they will be model plants.  When they need your attention, they will tell you.  Common issues are:

  • Wilting.  Wilting is a sign of stress, most commonly because the plant needs water.  Be forewarned though that a plant getting too much water can also wilt.  If you are unsure which one is the problem, either stick your finger or a moisture probe in the soil to check.

  • Drainage.  Most plants detest “wet feet” and it is important for soil to have adequate drainage, and this is especially true for container plants.  Use a potting soil mix to ensure excess water can drain out.

  • Yellowing.  Yellowing of the leaves means all kinds of things.  In my experience, it is caused by lack of nutrition in the soil or confinement.  This is common with container gardening.  Pot up plants as needed and use a good organic fertilizer to nourish them.  Yellowing can also be a sign that the plant is not getting the correct light requirements.  Does it require full sun and is getting over half a day of shade?

The best tip I can give you on your quest to a green thumb is to know your plants.  If you are new to a particular plant, research the plant and know what it needs to have a happy life.

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