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My Life as a Greenhouse Gardener

My Life as a Greenhouse Gardener

Ever since Greenhouse Version 2 went up, life has changed on my little acre in the country.  What a whirlwind ride! 

Greenhouse Version 1 was blown to the ground.  My husband and friends helped with the construction of a design of my own for Greenhouse Version 2.  Then there was discovering my own set of challenges by keeping a greenhouse in the desert.  Experimenting with combinations of shade, ventilation and misting made for an ideal growing environment for all of my propagations of plants for our bare graded acre.  I danced with joy over a plethora of vegetables that would otherwise slow production in the midsummer desert heat that were bearing tasty goodies early and often.

Seasons changed and winter arrived.  Although my location is not technically considered high desert, its pretty darned close and the nights are below freezing.  Not wanting to run a heater, we added thermal mass in the form of buckets and bottles of water keeping the greenhouse toasty and the plants growing.

Then in the true fashion of being a gardener at heart, I wanted to share my experiences.  I started this website since information about greenhouse gardening in the desert was sparse.  Then I put my experiences together in a book (Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Success) to help other gardener’s set up and operate their own greenhouses.  That was an experience in and of itself!

I have always loved plants, but my life as a greenhouse gardener has changed me forever.  It has taught me patience since plants take time to develop.  It has taught me fortitude since things don’t always go right the first time.  And best of all, it has taught me more about myself since I spend each morning tending to my little green friends in the greenhouse.

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